Remote Recommendations

To support the rapid shift to remote work due to COVID-19, we launched the #RemoteDEI campaign to share bite-sized strategies for ensuring DEI in virtual spaces. Follow our posts on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Establish weekly check-ins with your team. These are a great way to connect and they create space for employees to ask questions, address concerns, and be heard. Weekly check-ins also enable supervisors to lend support to their direct reports.Connection is key. Create online spaces – using group chats, Slack channels, or other apps – for non-work related, water-cooler chat.Be inclusive of all voices by grabbing a virtual coffee with various co-workers, taking care to avoid distance bias. Design virtual meetings to be inclusive, using breakout rooms to ensure equitable voice and space to process in small groups.Calendars are helpful, but conversations do not need to be confined to scheduled meetings. Reach out to colleagues for impromptu calls as needed. Start meetings with a fun way to check-in and connect with colleagues. Celebrate balance. Set an expectation that everyone on the team maintains a healthy work-life balance. Create spaces to share personal updates and have senior leaders and managers model these practices. Don’t let your newly remote team fall into the common trap of over-emphasizing quantity over quality. Build trust – not accountability logs – and be cognizant of the power dynamics at play. Ask remote employees to create their own “user manuals,” share them around, and reference them when you interact. Set boundaries. It can be tempting to check in around the clock, but establish guidelines to keep yourself from over-working – and to model work-life balance for your fellow team members.