About This Project

"An organization that embodies DEI daily does not exist, so striving for something you cannot see can be challenging and daunting. This toolkit provides some support for a remote organization that may be looking for some guidance in getting started and to hear from other organizations already on the journey."

– Mary Rice-Boothe, NYC Leadership Academy

This toolkit was created to explore the challenges and share insights around the intersections of remote culture and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. Created by the Remote DEI Collective and led by The Learning Accelerator, the toolkit aims to surface the challenges of doing DEI work in remote environments while also offering strategies and resources created by the Collective to help mitigate these challenges.

Throughout this site, the toolkit explores two key aspects of remote DEI:

  • Advancing internal DEI capacity within remote organizations: DEI work done virtually introduces various dynamics, from difficulties with reading non-verbal cues to challenges with fostering vulnerability over video calls, that must be navigated intentionally.

  • Improving remote culture and practices to increase DEI. Various remote practices can lead to unintended consequences, such as isolation, exclusion, and power-hoarding. Organizations must examine cultural practices to ensure DEI values are fostered.

While the toolkit reflects our early thinking and work on remote DEI, we are eager to share our insights and get feedback from the field. We hope to continue building and sharing the toolkit in the future.

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