What is #RemoteDEI?

We define remote DEI as the intersection of remote culture with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Through this toolkit, we seek to explore and offer strategies to improve DEI in remote environments and organizations.


Here, we share relevant terms and our definitions for each, as well as a set of other equity-oriented glossaries.

  • asynchronous: describes activities or communication that does not happen at the same time; not live; offline

  • co-located: describes colleagues who work in the same physical location

  • culture: the shared values, assumptions, and practices that guide human behavior (Olson & Olson, 2003)

  • DEI: diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • distributed: refers to companies with employees spread across various physical locations

  • diversity: the presence of different types of people (e.g., from a wide range of identities and with different perspectives, experiences)

  • educational equity: the state in which each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential (National Equity Project)

  • equity: the state and process of ensuring equally high outcomes for all and removing the predictability of success or failure that currently correlates with any social or cultural factors, examining biases, and creating inclusive environments

  • hybrid company: a company with some team members who are based in a central office and some who work remotely

  • inclusion: the state and process of putting diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection — where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are harnessed to create value

  • live: happening at the same time; synchronous

  • remote: describing a colleague who is connecting virtually from a far distance, sometimes in reference to a centralized office

  • remote DEI: the intersections of remote culture with diversity, equity, and inclusion; the pursuit of exploring and increasing DEI in remote environments and organizations

  • synchronous: happening at the same time; live

  • telecommute (or telework): to work from home (often in an occasional context)

  • virtual: describes connecting or engaging online and from a distance

  • white supremacy culture: the idea (ideology) that white people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions (Tema Okun, Dismantling Racism Works)