Remote DEI Collective

The Remote DEI Collective (RDC) is a community of practice of 12 fully and partially virtual education organizations. Launched in the fall of 2019 and led by The Learning Accelerator, the group came together to form the research and development effort, sharing strategies and exploring common challenges at the intersection of DEI and remote culture.

Participating Organizations & Representatives

Krystal Boodram-Wing, Project Associate

Torrye Parker, Senior Consultant

Griselda Rodriguez, Special Assistant

Michelle Heard, Director of Operations

Peter Fishman, VP of Strategy

Tripti Thapa, Senior Director of Finance

Dorothy Lee, VP of Client Management

Jean Yang, Business Manager

Madhulikha Muppidi, Associate Client Manager

Rosie Mahoney, Accounts Payable Clerk

Brittany Mauney, Chief of Staff

Catrice Reese, Managing Director Of Operations & Employee Experience

Kristen Welch, Chief Financial Officer

Cam Valentine Braxton, VP of Human Resources

Amanda Avallone, Learning Officer

Kristen Vogt, Knowledge Management Officer

Stef Blouin, Senior Program Officer

Courtney Dastis-Galvin, Director of Marketing

Nikki Darden, Chief of Staff

Stacey Williams, Managing Dir of External Relations

Mary Rice-Boothe, Chief Access & Equity Officer

Rachel Scott, Senior Director, Learning Systems

Bianca Dávila, Chief of Staff

Samantha Artukovich, Associate, External Relations

Stephen Pham, Managing Director, Operations (RDC Lead)

Sara Krachman, Executive Director

Yalitza LaFontaine Delgado, Director of Operations

"My experience as an RDC member is invaluable, and the synergy between members and facilitators is unparalleled. The collaboration offered various perspectives regarding building capacity, problem-solving, innovation, and efficacy. The partnership yielded three major takeaways; one, clarity of shared purpose; two, a high level of mutual trust; and three, concise communication."

– Orissa Thompson, Illustrative Mathematics

This community is supported by its DEI expert partner, Promise54, and previously coordinated by Rachel Schaffer of Big Tent Consulting. The project is generously supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.